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An Island 'Ripe for Exploration'!!!!

Arthur Ransome’s ‘Swallows and Amazons’ has been left by a guest in our book shelves; and what a nostalgic literary choice for a break on your own private island! We think its going to be doing the rounds back and forth between the holiday cottages this Summer!

Swallows and Amazons is the tale of the outdoor adventures of two families of children, involving sailing, fishing, exploration, and a healthy dose of treasure and piracy; all fuelled by pemmican and ‘grog’, (ginger beer and lemonade).

Nostalgia abounds in this childhood tale, but what really comes to the fore on a re-read is the expanse of freedom that these children enjoyed to run free and their parents are conspicuous by their absence!

Out of sight of any other mainland ‘natives’, Round Island provides the perfect backdrop for children to make their own island adventures being ripe for exploration!

Although the book, first published in 1930 was set in the Lake District, the close resemblance of the landscape surrounding the island with the estuaries and isles of Ransome’s setting at Windermere are clear.

Our area of Poole Harbour is designated by Poole Harbour Commissioners as a quiet area, and as such watercraft movement is restricted to a speed of 6 knots and no jet skis or personal watercraft are allowed. This is in direct response to the designated bird sensitive areas we are surrounded with, especially in terms of overwintering birds. The adjacent mainland bays such as Middlebere Lake, Wytch Lake and Arne Bay all add to that classic backdrop that a read of Swallows and Amazons evokes.

The Island itself is designated, on the last count!!, as within a Coastal & Marine Character Area, Heritage Coast Area, AONB Coastal & Marine Character Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Site of Special Scientific Interest and located within a RAMSAR site.

Directly opposite our Pier is the Arne RSPB reserve on Arne Peninsula which is a 1,392 acre nature reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest. Renowned for its natural environment, and noted especially for being a successful breeding site for the Dartford Warbler, the reserve also has a substantial herd of Sika Deer. Arne RSPB reserve regularly features on BBC’s Springwatch and Winterwatch.

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